A Tear of Relief

"I remember the first client. I had been through the training; I had practiced. And still I was nervous, feeling like I was speaking in pig latin … 'ahh, did you ever - were you ever - was there ever'. But I was amazed by the tear in this woman’s eye; not a tear of pain, but of relief, of thanks. You get it, you understand!"

Former CMHA London-Middlesex Staff

Woman abuse. Mental health. Sexual assault. Addiction. Trauma.

When we ask the right questions, cialis the pieces come together.


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Pilot Project: Origins and Lessons Learned

In this 4-vignette series, Susan Macphail, My Sisters' Place, Director of Women’s Mental Health Resources at WOTCH Community Mental Health Services, talks about the origins and importance of the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project, and some of the compelling lessons learned during the pilot in London-Middlesex.

(2 min 33 sec)

(2 min 12 sec)
(1 min 17 sec)

(1 min 29 sec)

Women's Voices

Women with mental health or addiction issues who have been subjected to sexual assault or woman abuse or abuse-related trauma are part of us and of the initiative. Your experience guides and grounds us. Your leadership is vital to ensure that together we develop the right solutions.

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